Verizon Fios Terms Of Service Agreement

Lifelock includes: Lifelock Select Identity Theft Protection offers credit fraud and fictitious identity monitoring, all supported by Lifelock, Inc. Lifelock Select`s restoral guarantees support a senior member, up to ten (10) additional adults and an unlimited number of children. Lifelock Select services are only available in English. one. Verizon may provide you free of charge or for a fee software owned by Verizon or its third-party distributors, suppliers or providers in connection with the services („Software“). You can only use the software as an object code, on the hardware on which it is installed, only as a part or for use with the service and for no other purpose. The software may be accompanied by an end-user license agreement from Verizon or a third party. Your use of the Software is subject to the terms of this license agreement and, if applicable, to this agreement. You cannot install or use software with or contain an end-user license agreement unless you agree to the terms of the end user license agreement. Verizon can provide diagnostics and repairs remotely, through its testing facilities, by phone or online, or by any other means, without sending a technician.

If Verizon sends a technician and finds that the service problem on your phones, modem, fax or other customer equipment, or on your transmission or receipt of data or signals beyond the line`s operating parameters and does not result from the wire or socket, you may have to pay for a service or business visit for shipping, diagnosis and repair at the applicable prices. inside telephone lines, sockets or other items used in connection with the service by a provider other than Verizon; E. By transferring, downloading, downloading, publishing or transmitting information or material using the website`s service or tools, you declare (i) that this information is not confidential, secret or protected belonging to another person; (ii) ensure that no other party has rights to the information, and ensure that by sending, downloading or downloading, mailing or transmitting content, images or data is not contrary to copyright laws or trademarks or other third-party rights; and (iii) You understand and consent that any use of the service is subject to the terms of the Verizon Copyright Alert Program, the description of which is under d. Third-party guarantees. Third-party peripheral devices, software and products are subject to warranty from the original manufacturer or seller of the product. Third-party warranties may vary from product to product. It is your responsibility to consult the corresponding product documents for specific warranty information. In addition, you acknowledge that certain device or software warranties By third parties, you may restrict or invalidate third-party remedies if unauthorized persons provide assistance to the device or software. It is your responsibility to ensure that any effect that the provision of PTS or Tech Support Pro might have on third-party warranties is acceptable to you. Verizon wireless service and the product names identified on this site are trademarks or service marks of Verizon Wireless or its parent companies.

Without Verizon Wireless` prior written permission, you cannot use Verizon wireless brands or brands. All other products or services referred to on this site are trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. If you have any questions regarding the use or licensing of Verizon wireless branded trademarks, please read our terms and conditions of use of the site. a. Service description. Business Internet Secure is a security service available to certain business customers and (a) a lightweight, effective anti-target solution against known and unknown malware, (b) a cloud-based security platform, which aims to provide a first line of defense against Internet threats, detect and block inappropriate and prejuded websites and content.