Tedx Volunteer Agreement

PLEASE NOTE: Priority given to volunteers is given to those who have participated regularly in the months preceding the event, as places reserved for volunteers are limited. So, get involved as soon as possible if you want to see TEDx behind the scenes! Thank you for your interest in our TEDx event! It is run entirely by volunteers and supported by volunteers, and we hope to involve as many community members as possible. Integrity: The volunteer expressly agrees to make a volunteer request to TEDxMississauga to support and support TEDxMississauga`s efforts and not to expressly obtain access to the event. TEDx events are purely voluntary businesses, and the licensee should not make money from the event and volunteers should not be paid. But some professional support can end up saving time and improving the quality of your event. For example, consider hiring graphic design, spokesperson coaching, and AV production providers. It`s always a balance and something you should think about carefully before doing so. Your volunteer leadership team should consist of the following roles. Under each role are the relevant sections of our Organizer guide for that specific team member. (To avoid confusion, every member of your team should read and know the TEDx rules.) These guidelines are subject to change without notice and the volunteer agrees to abide by all TeDxMississauga policies and procedures. Please apply if you can commit to a full day of volunteering at the event or if you are able to help support the event up to the event.

Consider inviting local members of the TED community such as Ted Volunteer Translators, TED Fellows, and TED Alumni. They`re already part of the TED community, and they probably also have a passion for TED`s mission. Training and meetings: the volunteer undertakes to participate faithfully and punctually in all training and volunteer meetings. If you don`t hear from us right away, be a little patient. We are all volunteers! You can also send an email volunteer@tedxportsmouth.com to check the status of TEDx volunteer meetings, or get involved in our email list and select „Volunteer Opportunities“. Most of your TEDx team will be made up of volunteers. Whether it`s co-workers, classmates, or a group of talented friends, it`s important to find the right people for work. .