Star Catholic Collective Agreement

Under the current rule, teachers who change direction must start from scratch in the occupancy positions. They can now apply for a permanent job for which they are qualified. This fall, secondary classes will increase from an average of 22 students last year to 23, and all local collective agreements setting maximum class sizes will be maintained, according to the preliminary Access Your local collective agreement and the Memorandum of Settlement 2015. Education Minister Stephen Lecce told Reporters at Queen`s Park that the interim agreement is good for teachers, students, parents and the government. In a statement released Thursday afternoon, the Ontario Teachers` Association (OECTA) said the agreement had been reached with „the Catholic Trust Association of Ontario and the Ontario government on the essential terms of a new collective agreement.“ Details of the agreement remain confidential until it is ratified. In accordance with the association`s ratification procedures, Catholic teachers will take part in a national vote on 7 and 8 April if OECD management and local unity presidents recommend authorisation. Catholic teachers will vote on April 7 and 8. Given the concerns about the release of COVID-19, all negotiations are now conducted by teleconference. „We believe that there will hopefully be an impetus for other agreements that would ensure stability for every child,“ he said. Lecce also said that the province, instead of ordering four online courses at high school, would need two, but would give parents an opt-out regime.

„The Fund should provide for additional teaching positions to replace all positions lost at the primary level and further reduce the new average size by 23 classes,“ the file states. The ban on parking fees for teachers in Toronto is particularly attractive, unless they have already been put in place by the authorities. With respect to mandatory e-learning – an approach that is rejected by most Ontarians and the students themselves – it still takes two credits to graduate, but the government has also accepted an opt-out policy. Sources told the star that the province is close to correspondence with French-speaking teachers and is making progress with elementary school teachers. You have questions, we have answers.