C And F Agreement

5. The C&F agent ensures proper storage of products in a separate godown from a first-class construction with sufficient capacity, ideally with a minimum. sq.ft. first of all, which must ultimately be improved in accordance with the requirements, and the products should not be confused with those of other parties, including those of the C&F agent himself. The C&F agent is responsible to the company for all damages/losses due to improper preservation and/or mishandling of the products or lack or theft of the products from their godown, and releases the company for all such loss and damage. The C&F Agent also agrees and authorizes the Company to correct such loss/damage on all amounts to be paid by the Company to the C&F Agent under this Agreement or otherwise. Please, someone can provide me with the draft contract for the appointment of C&F Agent by a manufacturer. Agreement of the producing company for the appointment of an agent. This agreement will be concluded on this ……… Day of……….. 19…

between: 1. X. Co. Ltd. From Bombay, hereinafter referred to as the manufacturer; and (2) Mr.C S/o.M. D r/o XYZ, hereinafter referred to as the agent. 1. Manufacturers shall manufacture electronic products and wish to appoint a representative for the sale of the products. 2. And while the agent has addressed the agent and is ready to work as the manufacturer`s agent.

THE MANUFACTURER APPOINTS MR. . C as the representative of the manufacturer`s products for what is here at ……….. (Specify the area for which the agent was named.) 2. The appointment of the staff member shall be made by the Management Board on condition that the appointment of the General Body is subject to the approval of the General Body at its first general meeting after the appointment of the staff member, and if it does not approve the Agreement, the validity shall expire. 3. This appointment is valid for a period of three years from the date of appointment. However, the time limit may be extended for a maximum period of three years for each extension period.

(4) The manufacturer undertakes that there will be no retail sales in the tariffs indicated below (indicate here the tariffs). 5. The contractor undertakes not to sell goods in the retail trade below the prices indicated in the contract. 6. The intermediary is entitled to an intermediation fee of 5% on the selling price of the goods. 7. That the agent receives the shipment with a 30-day credit. The contractor must make payment for the shipment within thirty days from the date of receipt of the goods.

8. That the manufacturer does not sell the goods in the areas for which the authorised representative has been appointed. All connections, etc. In this context, when received by the workbench, is transmitted to the agent to do the necessary. 9. The staff member may appoint staff in the areas of the Agency. 10. The manufacturer executes all agent orders from them according to stock availability.

11. That the Contractor may not place an order for a quantity less than the minimum delivery of the goods. Similarly, the manufacturer must not deliver to the agent below the minimum quantity of goods. READ MORE, whose parties first wrote these gifts of the day, month and year. Sealed, signed and delivered by Mr. A dated in accordance with the Board Resolution …… . .